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If you are new to the field of embedded systems development or an experienced professional looking to expand your skills, EmbeddedExpertIO has something to offer. Our comprehensive range of courses covers everything from the basics of embedded systems to advanced real-time operating systems, networking, and communication, including the latest techniques in embedded AI.

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I am very satisfied, the contents are excellent and the used didactics are very effective, which guarantees the quality of learning.Also, the support is excellent.

I have several years of experience in the field of firmware in industrial automation, but I wanted to go deeper with the STM32 family and, therefore, I decided to take the various courses and I consider them to be high-level courses.

I recommend all the courses, especially as they have an excellent cost/benefit ratio.

Cesar Cassiolato
Electronic Engineer

All the course I took are great! In all of them I learned new and useful things that I use in my personal projects, and also they helped me to achieve a job as a software embedded engineer. Also, I'm still taking them to learn new things and improve my skills in embedded systems. I totally recommend these courses! And thank you to the Israel to share his knowledge to everyone!

Ricardo Escarcega
Embedded SoftwareEngineer

The material offered by your courses is one of the most systematic and easily understandable for beginners.I would also like to note that only your courses cover a large range of topics from Embedded Software Development and Embedded Systems itself. Not so long ago, I switched to using your courses through your platform and I hope it will develop.

About me , my name is Ivan and I am a Design and Application Engineer from the Mechanical and Electrical field of Marine HVAC system, I am from Russia, I am 37 years old. I have a higher education in the field of Operation and Maintenance of Motor transport (Automotive). After many years of experience as an engineer in my specialty, I came across the fact that it became necessary to study Embedded systems and their programming, and so I found the content I needed in your courses.I hope you will develop and graduate new courses. Personally, I would really like to see topics dedicated to communication buses - CAN, CAN FD, LIN, RS-485, FlexRay and so on.

Design and Application Engineer

I have done several of the EmbeddedExpertIO courses. I have enjoyed all of them and gained valuable additional knowledge and skills. Has helped me to obtain more work in my freelancing business.

Simon Morrison
Freelance Firmware Developer & Consultant

I am beyond impressed with the content of this course. The author is intentional about ensuring that he is CLEARLY understood. This is not a drive-through course, he begins from the very basics and builds up to more advanced topics. I strongly recommend this course for Beginners, Mid-level devs and even some advanced devs looking to port legacy codebases to ARM.

About me - I am an Embedded Software Engineer. I work with a well known embedded SBC manufacturer, providing platform solutions for Aerospace, Defense, Telecomms and medical applications. I have worked in the embedded systems domain for over a decade and I can say that this is one of the best online resources for learning baremetal embedded systems (for ARM-based targets) on the internet.

Embedded Software Engineer.
United Kingdom

Thanks to Israel's course, I discovered my passion for STM32 microcontrollers and have found true love in it. I previously only knew how to design boards with less powerful controllers. Now, I can incorporate STM32 controllers into my custom boards and program them. I am now on the path to becoming a complete embedded software and hardware engineer, thanks to the ongoing courses. I am grateful for the opportunity provided by Israel to enhance my skills and become a better version of myself.

Evans Honu
Robotics Hardware Design Engineer

Some Reviews

Israel is a great instructor. Every step is explained not only what to do but why. I have a much deeper understanding. I would recommend this course over any other. Not relying on some library that obscures what is happening helps students really understand the processor properly.

Course Name : Embedded Systems Bare-Metal Programming Ground Up™ (STM32)

Jeff R.

I thought this was going to be a course that followed another book, but when he directed us to the user/dev documentation to find answers, I saw this was something special. Problem-solving should always be at the focus of any programming course, even above syntaxt and technology. Very good start to this course.

Course Name : Embedded Systems Bare-Metal Programming Ground Up™ (STM32)

Abigail J.

Explanation is really good but could go deeper into some stuff. Especially for beginners like me it is hard to understand some topics which I never heard before. But like many courses they don´t share their slides which is really a shame since udemy also blocked the screenshot function it is really hard and unnecessary complex to take notes.

Course Name : ARM Assembly Language From Ground Up™ 1

Pascal W.

This course is amazing. It takes you from absolute beginner to expert in programming STM32 MCU. It taught you all the basic especially reading the reference manual. I highly recommend the instructor if you would like to learn about embedded systems.

Course Name : Embedded Systems Bare-Metal Programming Ground Up™ (STM32)

Aisha A.

Very enlightening and eye opening .I always wondered about how different logic gates come together to create a microarchitecture and then and instruction set and then and then a full fledged architecture like ARM . This course has been able to explain all of that. Looking forward to the rest of the course.

Course Name : ARM Assembly Language From Ground Up™ 1


The course is well structured and detailed. It's good for beginners and advanced students as the examples are all in assembly language which is not offered by other instructors.
I am waiting for more examples to be added and i really enjoyed this course.

Course Name : ARM Assembly Language From Ground Up™ 1

Nishad P.

The course is explained in a friendly manner, the instructor tells what each line of code does and demonstrates the result code which is really satisfying, it would be also great if he could had shown the use of usefull API's like CMSIS-RTOS.

Course Name : Build Your Own RealTime OS (RTOS) From Ground Up™ on ARM 1

Abraham R.

Excellent course. I am an embedded systems lecturer at local college and I must say, I found the content very useful and well presented. I recommend this to any embedded systems student.

Course Name : Build Your Own RealTime OS (RTOS) From Ground Up™ on ARM 1

James K.

Well taught. The course goes deep into key areas like the design of scheduling algorithms and even explaining the algorithms using animations, this makes the learning process very easy.

Course Name : Build Your Own RealTime OS (RTOS) From Ground Up™ on ARM 1


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